About Me

Great Prophet Maama Tina Sheik Noor Is A Naturally Gifted Psychic Spiritualist And Fortune Teller. I Derive My Natural Gift and Energy From My Great Grand Father From The Origin Of Indian Ocean. I have many years of expeience in this supernatural World, my Generation has healed people all over the world try me today. I have traveled all seas and I have fully developed my ability let me Lead your I Have many abilities In The Psychic Feild Its Never Too late

My ability to see spirit manifested more in my teens and later on in a much stronger way in my mid twenties. I took it upon myself to read as much as I could and started to dabble with cards because that was the tool other readers I had been to used. That seemed like the ‘magic’ in communicating with the so called other side. For me it wasn’t though. I realised spirit would simply pop in at very inopportune times when sitting with a friend or acquaintance and it would just unfold from there.